Hingham is a community of contrasts where the moods and colors of the Atlantic Ocean blend naturally with a gentle rolling landscape of flower-flecked fields, streets dappled with sunlight filtered through tall elms, and homes reflecting a towns proud heritage.

From a vantage point high on the sloping hills at World’s End, a 249 care reservation, an observer can look out across the ocean for a moving view of Boston’s skyline standing in silhouette as the setting sun paints the sky a blaze of orange, red and deep lavender. Below the commuter boat from Boston glides silently past harbor islands, buoys and pleasure craft at rest in the sheltered bay.

Hingham is one of the oldest settlements in the United States and was incorporated as the twelfth town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635. Originally called “Bare Cove”, the town was renamed Hingham for a small village in Norfolkshire, England, the home of many of its first settlers. Descendants of these founding families still live in town, some on property granted to their ancestors. Hingham’s early industries relied on the abundant cedar and pine trees for the manufacture of boxes and buckets. Other industries included the forging of ship’s anchors.

Today, Hingham is a quiet residential suburb located just 15 miles south of Boston and linked to the city by Route 3A, the Southeast Expressway, buses, rapid transit connections and commuter boats. Residents take great pride in the recreational, cultural and historical amenities offered by their community, and place great importance on maintaining exceptionally high educational standards for its school children.

With 18.5 miles of coastline, Hingham offers residents an array of beaches, launching ramps, mooring sites and access to a variety of water related activities including sailing, yacht racing, fishing and swimming. The town boasts three outstanding nature reserves and parks. Wompatuck State Park is a 3000 acre site with miles of trails ideal for cross country skiing, hiking, running, horse back riding, bicycling and bird-watching. Over 400 campsites are tucked into the park. World’s End is a natural reserve where the beauty of the landscape remains unblemished by the intrusion of man. It offers a timelessness and peace conducive to long walks and the observation of plants and animals in an undisturbed natural setting. Bare Cove Park is an historical site offering one of the most scenic vistas on the South Shore.

Hingham is an active cultural center with a civic orchestra, theater groups and art galleries offering year round programs. The highly respected South Shore Conservatory of music is located here. The Hingham Public Library is one of the finest in Massachusetts with hundreds of thousands of books, multi media, musical instruments, puzzles and educational toys.

Hingham offers a diverse mix of housing styles blending antique colonial homes, late 19th century Victorian designs, single and multi family houses, condominiums, country club living and quality new construction.