Preparing Your Home

Preparing Your Home

Step One: Declutter, declutter, declutter.
Things everywhere distract attention from the space and architectural elements of your home. When undertaking the declutter process, ask yourself the following questions about each “thing” that doesn’t have a place: Do I need it? Do I love it? Does it make me happy? Could someone else use it or enjoy it more than I do?

Step Two: Clean and Clear
Keep all surfaces clear and wiped clean. This means furniture, counter tops, vanities, dining tables, sinks and window sills. Consider placing small appliances in cabinets or out of site when not in use.

Step Three: Closet Cleanout
This is the time to weed out old clothes or at least begin packing unused items. Order and the appearance of ample space will put people at ease in your home.

Step Four: First Impressions
Clean up the entryways including the floors, doors and windows. Remove boot trays, replace dirty area rugs if necessary and even apply a new coat of paint to your door. First impressions are lasting.

Step Five: Let in the Light!
Replace all light bulbs, clean light fixtures and roll up the window shades. Consider removing heavy window treatments in particularly dark rooms and keep the windows clean.